1. HindiTech is an Indian languages based bilingual journal, in which original research papers, innovative articles, interviews written in Hindi and English along with translation of text focused on language, culture or Indian knowledge tradition and reviews of books on linguistics, translation, language/education policy etc. are published. 

  2. HindiTech is an irregular web-based journal, where research papers are published in routine manner and its citation details are assigned accordingly. 

  3. It is mandatory for the contributors to send error-free, previously unpublished material, including abstract, 4 key words and references, in Hindi (Unicode) and English (Georgia or New Times Roman). Also send a high resolution passport size photo in soft copy along with a brief introduction of yourself as the author, translator, interviewer etc. APA 6th style is preferred for reference. The material should be in both MS-Word and PDF format. We appreciate, if the material is shared through Google Doc. If there is a picture or table in the research paper, then these must also be captioned.

  4. HindiTech a blind double peer reviewed journal, in which research papers related to interdisciplinary aspects of the language are published only after the approval of the concerned reviewers. The final rights of editing and publishing are reserved with the editor.

  5. Although the copyright of the published works will remain with the author, but, the consent of the editor will be necessary for republication of concerned material anywhere else, with acknowledgement to HindiTech.

  6. The editorial board does not believe in any type of hierarchy, hence address terms like Dr., Prof., Mrs., Kumari, Smt. Shri, Mr. etc. are not given before the names of the writers. However, we are determined to respect the contributors and their scholarship.

  7. It is necessary to send two copies of the books for review to the editorial address.

  8. HindiTech is not responsible for any plagiarism or misinformation provided by the contributors.

  9. HindiTech will publish theme wise books consisting of the research papers in future and then one copy of the book will be sent to the concerned contributor.

  10. In case the language of the content is in Hindi, it is expected that the material should be sent for publication only after checking the spelling with the online standardisation tool developed by HindiTech and available on the main page of its website.

  11. We publish relevant news and report of academic activities etc. in Report column, hence citation generator facility is not available for such categories.